28 10 2009

Yes, I know we’re already halfway through Halloweek, so what?  Halloween is by FAR my favorite holiday of the year.  It’s better than Thanksgiving because I don’t have to spend all day cooking TG dinner for everyone, it’s more fun than Christmas because I get to dress up and I don’t have to buy presents.  Sure, I don’t GET any presents, either, but I’m not greedy or selfish and I don’t care about gifts much.  I love getting them but I never expect them.  They are just an added bonus in life.  And besides, my boyfriend takes care of that for me with the occasional thing here and there.

Well, to the point… I wanted to share some of my favorite Halloween things as well as a couple new things.  For your information, I will be 29 in December and I STILL dress up for Halloween.  I don’t go trick-or-treating, that is for the kids.  Maya has gone to her dad’s for Halloween every year since her second Halloween so I get to go out and party!

This year, Joe and his sister and a group of friends and I are going to Long Beach for the Halloween on Pine Event which is a free festival complete wiht DJ’s/music, comedy, costume contest, and more!  Click the link below for more info:

Halloween on Pine

If you’re nowhere near Long Beach, none of this matters to you, but I have something for everyone, ok?  If you’re just doing the norm, a little costume action, then some trick or treating w/ the kids, you can use the next two and a half days to make your week a Halloweek with an array of Halloween-themed shows ranging from the scary to stuff the kids can watch safely.  Hulu’s got it all worked out for you… Click on the image below to be redirected to the HULUWEEN portion of their site where you will find a selection of pre-sorted Halloween epidoes for your viewing pleasure.  It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is one of my favorites on there!


Now if you’re into crafty stuff you might want to actually DO something, it’s a TAD last-minute at this point but you still have time to decorate for all your trick-or-treaters or for an upcoming Halloween party.  I highly recommend Martha Stewart’s ideas.  She seems to adore Halloween like I do.  Her site features new, fun, and totally awesome ideas each Halloween.  Truly for those that REALLY get into Halloween but there is definitely a usable idea for anyone, crafty or not.  Here is a direct link to the Halloween section of the Martha Stewart site… click away!


That’s mostly it for today but I wanted to throw in a couple extra personal favorites for good measure.  Let me just say that I absolutely love anything filmed in Black & White. Good, bad, doesn’t matter, if it’s in B&W, I will watch it.  With that said, here are two links to my absolute favorite “old” shows, The Twilight Zone (original) and The Munsters (original).  Do you love them or hate them? CLICK!











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