I Need Motivation

3 11 2009

I know, I know… I haven’t posted anything since the twenty-eighth. You probably noticed the title up there. It says “I need motivation”. It is the truth.

To be super brief, here are the goings-on of my days since October 28th. The 29th was the written exam for the government job I applied for, then, business as usual. The 30th, I spent running around like a crazy woman preparing costumes, packing bags, and more from the time I woke up. I rested from 11am until 2pm by having coffee with a friend which jumps me to 6pm. In the truck on the way to Long Beach with Joe and Maya I say “I didn’t eat today” to which Joe replies “why?” and I respond with “I forgot to.” Do you ever do that? It sounds utterly stupid to say you forgot to eat, right? But sometimes when I’m really busy, and especially if I’ve had some French Roast, I will just not eat all day and think nothing of it at all. That’s what I did. Luckily for me, after taking Maya to her dad’s, Joe and I had a “date” with Liz, Josh, and their two kids at El Torito for dinner. It was delish! I am leaving out a lot of detail for sake of time, I’m sorry if this annoys anyone. It kind of annoys me because I am very detail-oriented thinker. Anyway… so we stayed at Joe’s sister’s house for the Halloweekend. Saturday we got up and went to lunch on 2nd Street in Long Beach, CA at Shore House Cafe. The food was good, as always. I had a turkey burger and curly fries and then insisted we “walk it off” afterward. Although I only had one meal on Friday, and that would be my only “real” meal on Saturday, I felt disgustingly over-stuffed. There was a super cute dog costume parade going on so we had fun walking around admiring all the cute.

Saturday night we had a pot-luck party at Joe’s sister’s house. Martha came over and I did my hair, then her hair, then Joe’s costume makeup. Then I did Martha’s makeup and my own makeup. It took us about three hours to get ready head to toe with hair, makeup, and costumes. Not too shabby… that averages one hour per person. I think that is a Halloween record for me. People began to show up around 7:30pm. We drank and drank and were merry until 10pm. We waited for a cab until 11pm and headed to Pine Street in Long Beach, CA for the street festival/costume contest/bars/drinks/dancing I won’t go into TOO much detail but it was MUCH more fun than I expected and I don’t think I have had such a great Halloween in about three years.

On Sunday, Joe and I packed up and headed to Downtown Disney. We went to the Disneyland Hotel waterfalls and enjoyed the atmosphere there after walking the Downtown Disney District up and back and through the Grand Californian Hotel. That was equally relaxing and fun. I stopped at Compass Books & Cafe before the waterfalls and I’m glad I did because I think I would have fallen asleep some time between DTD and picking up Maya had I not.

Once we were done, we picked up Maya from her dad’s, fuelled up the truck and headed back home. And here I sit.

Now it’s back to real life… and I have to go to the grocery store now. Don’t you envy me? hehe




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