My Daily Plate

10 11 2009

I used to use The Daily Plate regularly, then I stopped.  I am back on the wagon as of the start of November, and I’ve noticed that instead of having a Snickers mini, I will have the water that I purposely put on my desk because it’s better for me and I know I am too lazy to get up for food.  This is good.  I am too lazy to get up to eat junk food, and I am too lazy to eat a Snickers mini because I know I’ll have to enter it into my Daily Plate log.  So…laziness is my motivation for how astoundingly healthy I have eaten this month so far.  It is NOT the motivation for me to work out.  The reason I have been working out is because I like to see my deficit (calories eaten minus calories burned).  I am driven by the lack of calories  still hanging around in me at the end of the day.

Whatever it takes, right?  That’s my motto!  lol

Here is a link to The Daily Plate via in case you want to check it out, and you SHOULD.  Even if you think you might be eating healthy, you probably aren’t.  And if you actually ARE, then you can tweak your carb, protein, and fat intakes based upon your type of workout, and your calorie intake if you’d like to lose a few pounds or up your protein…whatever you want to do, you should check it out.  The worst that could happen is that you don’t like it and don’t use it.  It’s free! Just click on the Livestrong logo below!





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