Sharing is Caring

12 11 2009

YOU should do something for someone ELSE this holiday season.  Think of the kids… think of a toy you loved as a child, or a toy you would love if you still WERE a child, have you kids pick out a toy since he or she IS a child.  Do something for those less fortunate than yourself.  The meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with gifts if you’re in it for the religious aspects, however, we all know that kids don’t always “get” that, and some of us just celebrate out of habit or tradition.  In any case, making sure a child gets one gift for the holidays is a great feeling.  Just imagine the amount of happiness your one little gift will bring someone.  Doesn’t it feel good to be the reason for that feeling?


Not into Christmas?  Well that doesn’t matter… get your best zombie gear on and come walk around Pasadena after you donate your gift. Here is all the information taken straight from a bulletin.


We’re coming to get you “again” Pasadena…You better watch out!

It’s time again Zombies for our annual Holiday get your holiday festive Zombie looks together and join us for another amazing night !

So.Cal ZombieWalk strikes back with our Scary X-mas Walk pt.2

Start spreading the word to all of your holiday /zombie loven friends and family..Last year the WALK was a huge hit and this year is bound to be just as amazing!!

At this WALK we’ll be collecting toys for needy familes and donating them to the “Spark of love” which is a LA county Fire dept. chairity in our name!

Saturday Dec 12, 2009 along Colorado blvd. in Pasadena ,Ca

Meet up location will be between 5:00-5:30 pm @ the North end of Central park .Be on time forRules, photos and the toy collection!

Please get in touch with any questions you may have!

Antho.​.​aka.​.​Zombie Claus






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