Joe’s Pros

18 11 2009

Joe is awesome. I’d say it’s because he is always with me, but it’s actually because of the things he does, like how he lies in bed with me watching my favorite shows, or how he takes Maya and I to the park and plays basketball with me after we all have lunch. Even though he makes the scariest face I’ve ever seen and it kinda scares me, it actually makes both of us laugh, and I like that… I respect a man with a strange sense of humor like myself. He is a smart ass, and he can take a joke. Sometimes I say things and he looks at me in a scared way suggesting he thinks I’m serious for a second before he realizes I’m not, but in most cases he gets me. 

Joe can sometimes seem insecure about things, like when I wear really high heels and I’m the same height as he is, and sometimes I think I intimidate him with all the random things I know but that’s just a product of not growing up in a tiny desert town like he did. It’s a sheltered world out here. Joe is still smart in his own right. He knows a lot about what he knows. Joe likes to tell me about his work and his day and I really like that about him because I like to share my day too. I like that he is interested in what I have to say and how he is considerate of my feelings. I like that he is good with kids, he doesn’t freak out when they are around, and he is really nice to Maya. I also like that Maya likes Joe. 

Joe does sweet things when you don’t even expect it or did nothing special to earn it. Joe asks my opinion on things like where to eat and what I’d like to do. Joe has really cool blue eyes and dark hair… such a great combo. Joe is content to sit at home with me or go out and be active. I like that he isn’t boring, he isn’t a grouch, and he makes me laugh. Joe tells me I am beautiful. My cats love Joe, and he lets them lie on him, petting them and letting them be spoiled. I joke about how Joe is a Martian because he doesn’t know about the 80’s movies and music that my friends and I know, or certain other things but I am only kidding. I like that Joe is a good sport about things, I am sure he’d want me to be the same way. 

Every once in a while Joe does something I don’t like or that annoys me, but in no way can that trump the amazing things he does the rest of the time… and those are Joe’s pros. 😉



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