21 11 2009

Yes, I have been a blog-slacker. If that’s a thing, that is what I am.  Since my last update on 11/13/09, I have been spending time with Maya and Joe, along with the occasional day with a friend. I have gone rock climbing, bike riding, basketball playing, re-learned to play CLUE, made broiled filet mignon and crab cakes for Maya and Joe and I.  This week I finally bought my new running shoes.  I have been wearing them in all week and they are ULTRA comfortable.  It’s been cold enough at night (37 degrees) to wear footless tights under my pants if I plan on spending any significant amount of time outside.  I decided to try a new hair dye and although the color is similar, it is definitely more rich and shiny… and I love it!

As we all know, Thanksgiving is coming up this week and I am all of these: excited to eat a nice tiring homemade (by me) meal, anxious to see how everyone likes the Southern food theme, nervous that I will forget to make something ahead and that I’ll have to make it last minute.  Nevertheless, I know it will be great!  I wish Maya could be with us, but she is going to her dad’s from 11/25-29.  I will have my first Thanksgiving with Joe… and Joe loves to eat, so as long as he’s willing to enjoy HOURS of The Twilight Zone, it will be a great day! The days to follow will probably be spent with Joe being able to do whatever we please, like lie in bed all day, or have too many drinks, or take a bath, or get back massages, or drive around aimlessly, or see a movie.  I’m sure you get the idea.




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