10 12 2009

As 2009 comes to an end and the holidays near, Maya and I would like to share some highlights of our year.  We look forward to these cooler months and sharing Christmas cheer.

On the night of Friday, September 12th, 2008 we arrived in Joshua Tree, California.  We have been here one year and nearly three months.  Here are a few photos of what the end of 2008 was like for us in our new home.

The Moon in Joshua Tree on Our First Night

Sunset in September

In December 2008 We got Quite A Lot of Snow

Our Cat Bagheera LOVED the snow!

I'm on top of the snow-covered world!

In short, we ❤ snow!

2009 was a year full of changes.  Maya and I made new friends and started to have fun!  We took trips to Orange County to visit friends and family, had sleepovers, went to parties, too day trips, and more!

In early 2009 I kept busy making hair bows and lookin' pretty apparently. 😉

On alentine's Day I went out for drinks with friends at the local bar.

Maya actually made a normal face for me...

...but that normal face didn't last long enough for photo number 2.

It was hard to get another serious photo of my lil goofball.

The 2nd week of March, our cat Parker had three kittens. My mom kept one, we gave one to a local woman, and the other one went to my aunt.

Maya and I got to see the first kitten being born, but we slept through the next two births.

On Mardi Gras, we had a party at my friend Renee's house.

Renee & I at Party Gras

Soon it was Summertime and we were dying in the heat, but we made it work and did lots of exciting things!

Renee and I only left the cool indoor air for the pool TWICE all summer.

Maya & her friends, on the other hand, were barely seen OUT of the pool for 3 months.

Maya had a sleepover about twice a week. Here, she and a friend are sleeping.

Maya participated in the library's reading program and got a free shake as one of the rewards.

Even in hte summer heat, Bagheera loves being outside.

Maya loves the outdoors too...

Joe and Maya and I picnic and play basketbll at the park whenever we can.

We saw heat over 100 degrees on most days this summer.

And the summer fun came to an end for Maya when school started. Here she is on her first day of 4th grade.

As Summer came to an end and Fall began, the weather started to cool a little and we continued to have good times.  Halloween came and went and now we are seeing temps down to 28 degrees.  We are hoping for another snowy winter!

Here is Bagheera...our little scaredy cat got all puffed up and "big" because a stray dog was near.

I dyed my hair red and spent Halloween in Long Beach with my boyfriend Joe and friends as a zombie pirate. Here I am with Martha.

Joe ate a lot of brains that night too!

I made Thanksgiving dinner for the family, we all ate too much. Now the Christmas decorations are up!

Bagheera and Parker are our two favorite cats.  Bagheera spends 80% of his life outside doing who-knows-what… he hunts, fights, does boy cat things (see “Bloopers” section for the highlight of HIS year), but Parker just sleeps.  I think that is what she does best, and cutest.  We love them both!  Check out Parky doing what she does best…

Parker LOVES brushes, she brushes herself on them, plays with them and more... then sleeps.

Whenever she's awake, she is bright eyed and curious!

She sleeps under the covers all the time. I think Parker thinks she is human.

She even lays on me in bed when I'm under the covers.

Sometimes she is just SO tired she falls asleep where she lies... even if it's in a strange twisted stretch.

Here she is all snuggled up under the covers again.

If Parky could talk, she'd say "Can't you see I'm trying to sleep here?"

Parker steals all my good spots...like my pillow!

You just don't disturb your cat when she's sleeping like a baby.

Two sleeping champions at work!

It’s not always easy to get Maya to stop running around long enough to take a picture with me, and once I do, it’s another battle to get a serious face from her.

Maya with the kitten my mom kept, Boofie.

Here we are...but Maya has her crazy face on.

Maya is my snuggle bunny.

I can't think of the words to describe this face. A face only a mother could love?

Here she is after a weekend at her dad's.


Here are some pics of my injuries through the year.

In December, a friend accidentally poked me in the forehead. I had this scrape for two weeks...cute, right?

In this series of pics, you’ll see a scrape on my leg my knees cut open.  I had found a dog wandering our neighborhood and he had an I.D. tag.  I put him on a leash to see the tag and hopefully find his owner when he decided to take off, tripping me in the process. I fell on the gravel/asphalt in front of my neighbor’s house and this is the result. Warning: Skip these ones if you’re squeamish!

Next, in a rare off-roading incident, I hit my brow bone on the roll bar of a jeep and ended up with a mild black eye. It was puffy, sore, and bruised but not too terrible.

More recently, my mom and Maya and I went hiking and rock climbing and a scraped my leg.  This one is still visible and hurt the worst.

And last but not least… Bagheera’s big batch of the year!  He actually carried this jackrabbit home and dropped it just outside our front door.  Bagheera is a pretty large cat but this “present” he brought us was more than half his size!

I know, this is gross but this is his gift.

So all in all, as you can see, it’s been a really busy, fun, exciting year for us.  It was full of new people and experiences.  Feel free to send us any feedback or comment on photos, ask questions, tell us about your year, or anything you’d like to say!




8 responses

11 12 2009

Love it, love you! Merry Christmas to you and Mimi!!

11 12 2009

Ya Val,
Loved the pix. Maya looks so…..Maya. And by that I mean happy, goofy, rockem sockem girly awesomeness. We gotta see you two some day soon.
Lates Bones

11 12 2009


Great photos, Seems like you guys are adjusting well to J-tree. The pictures of the snow look nice and also looks cold HAHA.

I hope you both have a great Christmas!

Peace! Dina

PS. Hey, just curious what happened to your other cat, Barrow?

11 12 2009

Unfortunately, Barrow went missing around mid-October…we are pretty sure he had a bad coyote encounter but we’re not sure. We still miss him but we do have Parker and her first kitten, Bagheera to keep us busy, cuddled, and loved. 🙂

11 12 2009

Happy Holidays to you and yours. i liked your year in photo’s idea. love that your kid does silly faces at the camera. Ouch on the bloopers. and …. dang you have lots of cats … cat lady.

11 12 2009

I only have two cats, nerd. haha The black one, Bagheera, and the black and white one, Parker. The other cat, Boofie, is my mom’s cat. 🙂

12 12 2009

loved it! very creative and fun to look at…miss u guys! happy holidays! xoxo

25 12 2009

Oh Crap! I just decided to check my yahoo account after hmm … months of neglect! I just saw your e-mail and pics. Super cute! 🙂

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