The Holiday Aftermath

29 12 2009

Christmas is over and 2009 is almost done, too. Maya and I were fortunate to each have a Christmas Eve filled to the brim with family, food, gifts, fun, and more. Then we were each lucky to do it again on Christmas day separately, she with her dad’s side of the family, and I with Joe’s side of the family. Maya spent from Friday through Monday at her dad’s in Orange County, CA while Joe and I traveled to Arizona and Nevada during that time.

Now that Christmas is over, it’s on to my birthday, which is tomorrow. I am taking advantage of my free ticket to Disneyland (which is probably one of my favorite places to be). After that, New Year’s Eve, and finally, 2010, a new decade! I have no crazy resolutions, really. I don’t plan to breathe only pure Oxygen, become anorexic, quit participating in the media, drive the speed limit, jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, or anything crazy and hardly possible… but I do have goals.

What are your resolutions? I resolve to not have strict and impossible expectations of myself. Not to make my goals too broad or too difficult. Baby steps, because I ALWAYS try to lose 20lbs in 2wks. and get discouraged, but it’s just not possible. I set myself up for nothing but failure, and 2009 has been FULL of great changes, I like my life so much more than I did a year ago. I am in a great relationship, Maya is doing good in school, I am happy, and I am surrounded with happy people. Last year I was surrounded by people focused on causing drama, people unhappy in their own relationships, unhappy with themselves. Being away from that is indescribable, honestly. I can’t conjoin words to describe how amazing it’s been to be separated from all of that. It’s fantastic to hang out with people who are always happy and love their lives.

Well I guess that’s my update for now… I DID get a Flip Ultra HD from Joe for Christmas, so I plan to start posting vids of random crap I get. Some of Disneyland will be up at the start of the new year, I’m sure, so stay tuned!




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