No Resolutions

5 01 2010

2010 is here… it will soon be gone.  As strange as it sounds, I have never before thought about a year that way before now.  For the past 6 or 7 years I have looked at each day as a new and completely separate place in time.  Only in 2009 did I stop and think about the fact that I was having so much fun that I could barely remember the date sometimes.  This along with tons of other realizations about my new and improved life lead me to the conclusion that ultimately, no resolutions are in order.  That is what I ALWAYS do, and I am living totally different now, so that will have to change, too.  Now I have goals.

With that decided and said, one of my goals is to post to my blogs on a more regular basis.  Also, to try and separate the content of the blogs, but that’s something I will just work out on the way.  I’d like to make Mondays my Blogger blog day and Wednesdays my WordPress blog day, so I will try that on for size and see how it works with my current schedule.  That is not a huge goal of mine, just something to do to motivated me to blog more often.  I really love to blog but I get so distracted and I tend to forget to do it altogether.

My main goal of 2010 is to find a nice plush job, and a new apartment.  These are two goals but I have technically lumped them together because I can’t have the apt. without the new job.  I have thought about doing freelance work which I really enjoy but finding people who need me is a little difficult in my area because the economy is still so bad, and I live in such a small town.  But that is something I will deal with in the new year and overcome with time.  I will try to post an update every Monday on how things are going and what I’ve been up to… here’s hoping! haha




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