Things I Refuse to Understand

8 01 2010

I absolutely REFUSE to understand how a person can wake up and start the day thinking that it’s going to be bad.  That type of negative thinking is exactly why you’re such a grouch.  Worse than that is the possibility that you being such a pessimist can lead to you pushing your negative thinking on to others, or even further, making them feel bad because you are unhappy.  The whole “If I can’t be happy, neither can you” attitude is crap.  Get over yourself.  You have no right to go on trying to sway people to see things with a big dark cloud over them all day.  Maybe you should start a club called the Negative Nancies. Negative because you are, and Nancies because that is a common name for a wimp… Be strong and positive and you will love yourself and your life a LOT more, I promise.  People have overcome worse than you have.  You aren’t special, so wake up and start a new thought process, one that we can all appreciate.

Ok, another thing I refuse to understand is why straight people who never want to get married because they feel it’s a legality, etc fight SO tremendously hard for gay marriage rights.  Before I go any further with this I’d like to point out that MY opinion on marriage is as follows.  I think straight people have to right to marry should they want to. I think straight people have to right to live together forever and have a happy family withOUT getting married if they want to.  I think gay, bi or otherwise should also share these rights and privileges as well.  I think that one person, two people, or otherwise should be able to adopt a child or children should they see fit and they are all capable and ready to care for a child or children.  I feel that if a straight person or a gay person wants to never marry or have children, that is fine as well.  What I do NOT get is why it’s so incredibly important to such straight or gay people who don’t believe in marriage at all to get as involved as they sometimes do in the entire argument.  To me, personally, it is the same as if I, a completely non-religious straight single(ish) mother of my biological child (just so we’re crystal clear on this), walked into your Christian Church and wanted to be able to have my friend, a practicing traditional Jew, pray in your church.  Do you think you’d give me the time of day?  I have NOTHING to back my askings, and what I am asking for has nothing to do with anything I believe in.  However, because she is my friend, is that reason enough to stand up for her?  Or should I tell her to fight her own battle with people who can back her up with conviction?  I ALMOST want an answer but I refuse to understand because a) do whatever you want, it’s not really my business until you start posting your bs all over my facebook pages, and b) I don’t want to be in that argument because I tend to get really impatient with people who try to make a point out of something that I don’t agree with.  I’m open minded, but I am not ignorant.




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