Wait… where did Monday go?

13 01 2010

Oops!  I totally missed out on my Monday post.  I am still sick and now Joe (boyfriend) is sick as well.  I made some chicken and vegetable soup/stew for us for dinner tonight, so while that simmers and becomes more delicious by the minute, soaking up and marrying flavors, I thought I’d blog, so here I sit. 

With an itch to get away for the weekend, have a change of scenery without pressure, Joe and I were talking about just getting a room somewhere for the weekend or possibly camping when he mentioned that we should make the trip (just under 5 hrs one way) to see one of my very best friends, Tori.  I was (and still am) ecstatic!  I haven’t seen her since January 2008 which is WAY too long.  She has since moved from our lifelong home city of Anaheim, to Big Pine, CA, and just recently (late December 2009) moved into a new home that she and her long-time boyfriend bought.  Nothing beats another great step toward happily ever after!  So, where they live, it’s a small town and I can’t wait to see them both.  It will be their first time meeting Joe, as well as Joe’s 25th birthday, so the weekend getaway is full of promise!  I have to mention that I really couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend.  I never know what he could do to make me a happier girl but he is always throwing new awesome boyfriend surprises my way.  I love it!  I am seriously spoiled these days.  I won’t complain about that… like any girl would, right?

With that said, I am constantly trying to compete.  That’s what I do.  I am competetive by nature I guess.  If there is no incentive to succeed, I get bored.  I should mention that it’s not unhealthy competition, either.  It’s healthy, fun, and I like it.  Anyway, Joe got me probably the best Christmas gift I’ve had since I was a kid… I kind of felt like a kid when I got it actually.  I was THAT giddy with excitement.  He really knows how to read me, and the proof is in the pudding.  When I got The Flip camcorder, I was anxious to use it and I am still in search of new things to get on video.  I would like to go somewere exciting and record people doing things, I’m not sure what… maybe rock climbing, dirt bike riding, dancing, who knows.  My point here is that I have this awesome toy, and Joe and I are going to see my friends, now what am I going to do for his birthday that compares to that!?  I don’t like supercross but I was thinking it might be fun to take him to the upcoming event on 01/23/09 at the Angels Stadium.  When I mentioned that it was happening to get a feel for it, he seemed interested but said that he prefers the outdoor events better than the indoor ones, so maybe I will look for a similar event outdoors.  The only problem with this is that even though HE is into supercross, I am totally NOT into it, so while I’ll totally go, watch, likely have fun there, I have really no idea how to look up such events, but I will do my best! 

All in all, life is so good these days.  I can’t really ask for more.  A few tweaks on my current situation would make for a near-perfect life, but such things will come with time.  I enjoy every day for new and different reasons. 




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