Missed Monday

19 01 2010

I am NOT a terrible blogger, I swear!  I just took MLK Day off this week.  I treat blogging as a job, so I got to have a 3-Day weekend like some of you did.  If you didn’t, don’t hate…get a job where you can set your own hours, days off, etc.  Ok so on with it.

There are a few blogs that I love and one of them is here. Go look, PLEASE! You won’t regret it.  She inspires me every time I open up a new tab containing her blog.  She is very down-to-earth, honest, raw, realistic, etc.  Things I like in a blogger, and her blog.  Anyway, with that said, I was reading today and saw a post from January 17th, 2010 and decided that although I am not on Weight Watchers as she is, I AM starting a fitness regime of running, jump rope, and monkey bars (sounds funny, huh? Well I think that going back to what you loved as a kid is a good way to stay interested).  So, I took her questions, got rid of the ones that aren’t relevant to my situation, and added a couple that make better sense for me, and here they are…

How often do you workout?
at this very moment, I workout only when I think about it.  I maintain my weight, but I find that my strength is lacking as compared to this time a year ago.  I plan to change that with weights and monkey barring. I can still throw my infamous painful punch though, so have no fear! lol

How did you get started/What made you decide to workout more?
I knew a long time ago that I wanted to live a more active and healthy lifestyle.  I don’t want to place blame but part of the reason I wasn’t was because I surrounded myself with people who sat around after work, had no interest in running or working out with me, and so in not wanting to do it alone, I didn’t do it at all.  Now I have a brother in the Army who runs 8-12 miles a DAY, my sister who is equally determined to live healthier and wants to start now before she moves to South Korea to be with her hubby, and my boyfriend who is already fit as well, to inspire me.  I am literally surrounded by health and fitness now.  This is the best thing that could have motivated me.

I am thinking about getting started, any advice?
Yes.  You don’t need anything special to start a fitness routine for yourself.  Just find a friend and go running for 20 mins a day at least every other day. As you both feel necessary, add weights, add another 20 minutes, add another friend, etc.  You just need some decent shoes, and something to run in that’s weather-appropriate. Running is free, you have no excuse not to. Even if you hate it, just do it… you will love the feeling you get from doing it, I promise.

I’m 29, 5’6″, and Dutch with some other Eurotrash mixed in…and PROUD. πŸ™‚

What is your goal weight? Are you at your goal weight?
Goal weights are hard for me.  I look and feel hot when I’m 150lbs, but I also loved being 125 and either way, I look thin and lean and healthy.It’s all in how I carry my weight.  I have ample boob (38G) and when I was 125 I still had a DD. I also carry my weight pretty evenly throughout my body which makes for a pretty proportionate appearance. I love that about my body.  I have a nice hourglass shape at any weight I’ve been at.  I will put my current goal at 150lbs. Curvy, slender, sexy.
What was your highest/lowest weight?
This one is gonna kill me to answer because I hated every minute of it.  I was at my highest weight for 3 weeks.  195.  Nobody would have guessed me that weight, but I was.  And after 3 weeks, I was 10 lbs lighter.  THAT is how terrified I was of that number.  My lowest weight since I was 18 was actually 115lbs HOWEVER, I then had a baby at age 19, and came home from the hospital at 125. I have always been aware of my weight, but I consider 125 (2 days) after having a baby my actual lowest adult weight. I liked that weight but I remember thinking I was fat. I was a teenage girl, and I had been 115 pre-baby, so that was bound to happen.

How do you stay motivated?
I don’t.  I get motivated, workout, then spend a week being lazy.  Until now.  Now I have a motivation partner, someone to text me and ask when we’re going to workout, basically forces me to motivate myself to go. I will not flake out on a person, so I will totally go! πŸ™‚

How often do you work out and what kind of activity do you do?
Currently my workouts are sporadic.  I have just agreed to workout every other day at LEAST, doing a 20 minute run, jump rope (maybe another 10-20 mins to start), and monkey bars (I have yet to set a rep count or time limit on this yet).  I plan to add more running time once I am used to this routine.

But I hate exercise. Do I really have to exercise? (I found Sheryl’s answer extremely motivating, and true for myself as well, so I just left it… I hope she doesn’t mind)

No, you don’t have to. You can lose weight without exercise. I have done it. Many times. But I never kept the weight off. So yes, you can lose weight just by cutting calories but I do not recommend it. I can tell you from experience that having incorporated exercise this time around has made a huge difference, and I credit it with my success. It has changed how my body looks, how it works, it’s instant therapy that I would swear has cured my lifelong depression. It has improved my mental clarity, my physical strength, my focus, my determination, my pride and my self confidence. Knowing what I know now about how great exercise makes me feel, I will never give it up! (You can read about how lazy I was and what pushed me to finally start moving in this blog post.)

Why don’t you respond to more comments?
This question was clearly not for me, I will reply to any comments I get.  Comment away!

Will you read my blog/link to my blog?
If your blog is AWESOME (if it actually IS, not just if you SAY it is), I will read it when I go through my blogroll, yes.  I can’t read EVERYONE’s blog, but if I really like it, I will read it.  No offense to any bloggers whos blog I don’t read, we might have nothing in common, I might already have another blog I love on the same topics, etc. It’s not you, it’s me.

Can I add you on Myspace/Facebook/Twitter?
You CAN… just send me a lil note stting that you’re a blog reader.  Facebook If you send me a Twitter request and you have no followers and no tweet history, I am not accepting your request since I don’t know who you are. All others are accepted.

I’m coming to Joshua Tree, CA. Can I meet you?
I don’t have any bloggers that I talk to enough right now to meet them, but who knows, I might be feeling adventurous that day.

If I see you on the street, can I say hello?
Sure, let me know how you know me though so you don’t weird me out, k? lol

Can I link to you/one of your posts on my blog?
Sure, but you may NOT steal my work, words, or photoes, etc and use them as your own. As a courtesy, always link me, and I will you… πŸ˜‰ Also, feel free to email me if you want me to see anything of yours eval.agency@gmail.com

How many calories do you eat per day?
On a normal day I eat between 1800 and 2100 calories.  I try to stay below 2000 as a general rule, and this is how I maintain my weight without working out instead of gaining weight.  I plan to eat exactly the same at first when I am running just to gauge how much weight I lose by eating the same and working out.  This might change but no plans yet.

What do you typically eat in a day?
I basically eat whatever I crave.  If I crave chocolate, so be it.  If I crave a salad, great!  I tend to eat a lot of lean meats including chicken breasts, ground chicken, and I have a Filet Mingon once a month.  I have low blood sugar so I get a CRAZY (and I mean CRAZY) sweet tooth from time to time.  I am trying to eat better to control that. Less bad carbs, more whole grains, proteins, etc.  I don’t eat out very often (once every two weeks on average), as I think this automatically makes a person fat (usually), but when I do, I eat what I want, and try to work it off the next week.  πŸ™‚
What types of at-home workouts do you recommend?
Make it easy for yourself, that is the first thing to remember!  If you have nothing, try running around the house or in place while you do things.  If you are in your home office or bedroom and you need water, run to the kitchen, run in place while youfill up your water bottle, run back to the room.  Do this every time you need to move around the house and you’ll burn a few extra cals here and there.  If you have $50, go get a yoga ball to workout on and stretch with. Look up exercises, or use the guide it comes with. Get ankle weights, use them whenever you can, under pants while grocery shopping, driving, around the house, running, etc. These little things will help SO MUCH. You can put the ankle weights on your wrists and do arm lifts while sitting on the couch watching TV.  Do what you CAN do…

How do you plan to fit it all in – your faughter, your boyfriend, cooking at home and working out?
I plan to manage all of this by using the time I am not working and Maya is at school to orkout with my sister and anyone else I find along the way.  Cooking is easy because I have always done it.  I find that the more I cook at home, the better and faster I get at it.  You can pre-chop your veggies in 15 mins you have here or there throughout the day, and defrost and prep the chicken (or other things) in the morning after a workout or after making the kids’ lunches.  Things like that save me a bit of time.  Joe is here every day after work and dinner is ready.  On weekends when Maya goes to her dad’s, Joe and I can go out to dinner and/or see a movie, and/or have some drinks, etc… it all balances itself out. It is not something you can do without practice but once you try, you’ll find you get the hang out managing it all just fine.

What kind of camera do you use?
I just use my phone. It’s a Palm Centro. The quality isn’t good by any means but I lost my digital and haven’t gotten aroudn to buying a new one, and I love taking pics so there it is.  I recently got a Flip Ultra HD from my wonderful boyfriend Joe for Christmas, so I hope to post vids soon. I keep forgetting to do so… but they quality is just fantastic!

Where do you hold the majority of your weight?
 While some people hold their weight in their ass, their thighs, their back, etc. I hold almost ALL of my weight in my stomach and boobs.  Basically the front of my torso.  However, like I mentioned before, I lose and gain eight proportionately over my body, so even though I feel like my weight is mostly over my tummy, it’s distributed evenly enough that I never have a huge bulging round belly or anything.  I would consider myself lucky if I were in a contest of where fat hangs out. lol But I don’t.

What do you look forward to with weight loss?
The two things I look most forward to are hopefully smaller boobs (PLEEEEEASE!), and shopping for clothes.  My boobs have never fit in a shirt the size of my body since I was 16, but it would be nice if they fit in something that wasn’t 80% Lycra. lol  I really look forward to feeling good in my clothes, too.  Just by having a flatter stomach, I can drop about 3 pant sizes alone.  I can still get my pants 3 sizes too small, up to my waist (over my thighs and butt which are only slightly larger) but my stomach isn’t flat anymore… I’ll work on that by running and shedding allover weight and belly fat.  I have never really been uncomfortable with my body, just the clothes I have to wear to cover it. πŸ˜‰

What kind of running shoes do you use?
Adidas Attune (White/Pink) These are SUPER lightweight, they have a med-high arch (I need high, but this is the highest I could find in my local Big 5), they are mesh and have airflow mesh on the footpad which allows for breathability aka air (and rain) to get into the shoe.  The rain part isn’t a plus, but the fact that they ARE so breathable makes for a REALLY quick drying shoe.  I simplly love everything about this shoe and sometimes want to just wear them around grocery shopping, etc. because they are the most comfortable shoes I own. 




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