Running and Eating

22 01 2010

There is a strange but strong relationship that running and eating occupy in my life.  When I don’t run, I eat more.  When I DO run, I eat less.  When I plan to run, I don’t “over-carb” (my own nickname for carbo-loading) like some (read most) runners do.  Part of that thought process is based on the fact that I’m not a “runner” I just run for cardio, to make my muscles hurt, to be on the brink of an asthma attack and then cough until I could vomit but never do.  Am I self-loathing?  No.  I just love that feeling of “something very bad could happen” but it never does.  I love running.  When I’m not running, I often want to be running, and when I AM running, I usually look forward tot he second I get to stop but as soon as I stop, I am anxious to catch my breath and run again!  Is this normal?  I think so.

I really love the idea that once I am finished with a good run, I can basically eat a burger and burn it SO much faster than if I hadn’t run.  I never really crave food after a run unless I haven’t eaten before, which I try to avoid. I get full faster up to two days after a long run.  I don’t crave sweets or junk food as much, if at all.  It’s as if my brain is telling me not to ruin the positive effects of the run.

On Wednesday I went running with my sister and we ran for most of an hour with a few short walking breaks.    I felt AWESOME all day that day, I felt great yesterday minus my quads, inner thighs, and side abs being a bit sore, and today my quads are even more sore but I still want to run.  I planned to run alone if I had to, but due to inclement weather, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to.  I will be running with Joe tomorrow morning though, so that will suffice until Monday morning, which is when I run next.  I’d like to go every day but I need to get used to running 3 times a week first, then 4 times a week, then I’ll go every weekday.  It’s amazing to have a person to run with, too.  As a matter of fact, I used to run alone at night before I got my last (not current) boyfriend.  He was content to sit around getting a beer belly all day.  I soon fell into his lazy ass habits because I wanted to spend time with him rather than run alone.  That was a huge mistake, but I won’t ever do it again.  It’s not like it’s HARD to run, it’s easy. I’m a little out of practice but if I could do it when I was 2, I can sure as hell do it now, right?  And now it will benefit me more than ever, so that’s a great incentive to run!

I am looking for a couple new places to run. It is very hilly in my neighborhood so I actually have to drive to a place to run.  Sounds stupid, I know, but it’s true. The park I currently go to is a little over 10 minutes away but it’s really nice and it’s the closest with grass. I run the outside of the baseball field in the dirt and across the grass as well, both are pretty easy on my knee which I have already had surgery on (9 years ago).  So far, so good… and I plan to keep it that way.  If I had more running partners it would be even better!




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