It’s Monday Run Day!

25 01 2010

Look at THIS!  I actually remembered to post on a MONDAY!  Amazing feat, huh?  Well not as amazing as it feels to actually remember to do something I have every intention of doing, then having the time to do it.  I already feel accomplished for the day, and I have a few more things I still need to do before noon.  First, I have to do the mom thing and make Maya’s lunch, then my mom & I are taking her to school because she did a project on the mission Santa Cruz and it’s on a huge tri-fold poster board so we are taking her to school today rather than her taking that on the bus.  After that, she is taking me to get my car at Joe’s because last night Joe and I took his truck to get Maya then ended up coming straight here for dinner, so I need my car, and my running shoes.  Once I’m back, I’m getting dressed to run, grabbing the coffee grinder, and heading over to Renee’s to hang out with she and her week-old baby, Ava Marie, and have coffee… we both need it.  Then at noon, I am going to go running with Trisha for an hour.  It’s going to be a productive first half of the day.  After that… who knows.  I know I will have TONS of energy, but what I’ll do with it, I have no idea.  Maybe laundry.  lol  Maybe I will post again later… I need to get off this thing and make lunch.  ğŸ™‚




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