Just a Thought or Two

26 01 2010

Let me preface this post by saying that in no way am I trying to bash anyone/thing by what I say.  I just did all the math (actual math, yes) and figured out that I am on the wrong side of an unfair agreement.  

I just figured out that I drive THIRTY more miles and spend $20.00 more PER TRIP $90.00 a month with NO income is a lot, k.) to take Maya to see her dad than he does to come to get her.  Considering my car has major alignment and possibly other issues that make it unsafe to drive far right now, this is a huge inconvenience to me, and a costly one.  I researched and found a new place that will take us each the same amt of time and miles to get to, making it more fair.  I sorta feel ripped off because I have taken Maya to OC and back home with me 6 or 7 times, too.  He has come to get her at my house TWICE since we lived here, and I still had to go pick her up from our halfway point.  And to give credit where credit is due, one of those two times, it was actually his mom who came to get her. 

I get that living 2 hours away isn’t ideal but it still needs to be done fairly on BOTH parts.  

The math:

Distance driven in past 16 months ONLY travelling to take Maya to her dad’s – Approx 10,000 miles
Distance traveled OVER halfway point between our two houses in past 16 months – Approx 3,000 miles
Cost of gas used in the past 16 months – $2000.00

Amount of gas used if we each traveled the same distance –  $1024.00 (Look how much money I could have SAVED!)
Distance traveled if we each traveled the same amt of time/miles – $3600 (Also subtracted all miles where I drove all the way to his home and back home, which makes the difference so dramatic. My car and tires would have thanked me!)

So, you see… this could have saved me a significant amount of time, tires, repairs, frustrations, and cash.  Not to mention the time I spent actually looking into all of this so that I would be certain I was coming up with a fair NEW plan (3 hours),  I feel it was WELL worth it though.  In the long run, I will save SO much money and time.  



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