Slackin’ Off

26 01 2010

Yes, I know I am a slacker. I do. But I just like to say I have been busy. I have. I promise. I have been busy posting to my other blog, my facebook account, twitter, even myspace. Why I still have a myspace account is a question I can’t even think of an answer to. Not a good one anyway. I’m sure it’s purely out of boredom.

Anyway, it’s been too long and a lot of changes have happened. A lot of good things, not so much on the bad stuff. I try to take that in and let it go all in one breath. So my most recent development is running. I run now. Yep. Got my shoes, my sweats, my running partner, and a place to run and I need no more than to just do it, so I do. I have to admit, I haven’t run in a long time before now… about 1 and a half years actually, so I’m rusty but I power through without much thought and the aftermath is just an awesome feeling of both accomplishment, near-asthma-induced-death, adrenaline, shaky muscles, and pure awesome euphoria. All of those feelings combine to inspire me to run more and more. I knew I got like this when I run, but I just wasn’t motivated enough to just do it until I got a running partner. Ahhh all the wasted time of NOT running… but I’m an optimist so I’m going to just think of all the running I’m going to be doing in the future and eat that up!




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