Valentine’s Day

28 01 2010

Until this year, I have not celebrated Valentine’s Day for 6 years.  Last year I went to the bar with friends but I didn’t technically celebrate Valentine’s Day, it just so happened that that was the day we were all free.  Go figure.

Anyway… so yeah, this is the first year in the last 6 years that I am genuinely happy to be celebrating.  I used to be gung-ho about this holiday, when I had a sweet, loving, affectionate, romantic boyfriend.  Then I didn’t, so I was kinda lost on that holiday.

Now I have Joe.  I have never really had a bad boyfriend, per se, but now I have the best one.  There are things I wanted in a man that I didn’t realize until I didn’t have them, and now I have them.  He isn’t afraid of kids, in fact, he likes kids, he can take care of them, hold them, fix them when they cry, etc.  He is nice to Maya, and Maya loves him.  He is considerate of my feelings.  He asks me when I want to do when we go out, where we should eat, what movie I’d like to see, but he doesn’t let me choose everything alone, he offers his input too.  I love that.  We balance each other out perfectly in most ways.  He does things he doesn’t want because I like to, and I do the same, and we both end up having fun.  He is a great gift-giver, so I translate to mean he pays attention to what I like.  And I try to do the same.He is motivating, encouraging, he tells me how beautiful I am and he does it randomly and that’s important to me because its not like he said it because I’m made or because I feel ugly that day.  In short, he is the best. Thee BEST.  That’s all.

I hope everyone else has as awesome a Valentine’s Day as I will!




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