2 02 2010

I *almost* forgot to do my Monday post, but here I am.

This weekend was eventful and fun.  It was Joe’s birthday so I made him some alien-green cupcakes and headed to his house to make dinner for he and I, and his two friends Matt and Austen.  In no particular order, we ate played with the G.I. Joe’s I packed into Joe’s birthday gift bag with his card and gift, listened to some good (and some bad) music, and drank to our little heart’s content.  On Saturday, we were lazy.  We ordered pizza, watched a movie, and went to the bar… all after tons of inappropriate conversation with Matt, as per usual.  One might think us three strange for the topics that are randomly discussed between Joe, Matt, and myself.  Personally, I really like it… it’s fun, it’s funny, and in some strange way, if we didn’t have such conversations, I feel like we’d all just sort of be silent and uncomfortable.  Although the subject of our many laughs may be personal, perverse, sometimes deep, and at other times, downright strange, it’s with such ease that I wouldn’t trade it for more tasteful talks with other company.  With that said… I DID mention to them that our topics of discussion could be a really interesting blog.  However, I don’t think I’m going to create another blog.  Rather, casually mention something funny that was said maybe.  We’ll see.

After a really fun night out at the bar, and not remembering right away when I woke up, what had happened the night before, it was Sunday. I did not wake up at 7;30am on Sunday like I did on Saturday, and for that I am grateful.  Two hours later than Saturday, I woke up, literally rolled off of the bed and went to brush the taste of numerous alcoholic beverages from my ill-tasting mouth.  God that was disgusting.  The taste of a variety of alcohols along with cigarettes in the morning could drive a girl NOT to drink. Ever.  But with the aid of a toothbrushing, not THIS girl.  I re-hydrated and checked various sites for interesting stories and blogs, and found little.  Joe was still asleep.  I played solitaire partly because I have a problem controlling my urge to “use”.  Yes, solitaire is a bona fide addiction for me, it seems.  At least lately it is.

Later on Sunday, we had breakfast at lunchtime, went to the store so we could buy things we think we need but could probably live without, like new awesome toothpaste, cat shampoo (that’s a fun story I’ll tell another day, possibly tomorrow), dental cleaning cat treats, “wet” cat food cuz I like to treat my kittehs to something other than Iams sometimes. I also bought some necessities.  That was that.  Once back at Joe’s, we hung out with Matt and then Austen came over again too… so basically my weekend ended the same way it began.  I did not want to go home.  Oh and can I just say that the lack of dirt in that house is amazing.  I mean, all things considered, you know, like living in a place made of dirt, being two men living in a house, it’s utterly shocking how you can walk through the tile floors and basically keep clean feet (usually).  It must be the amazing things called rugs… and possibly the bi-monthly floor cleaning that happens.  Actually I have only personally seen it happen two or three times in the past 10 months.  I think they are the only two men in the world who just aren’t slobs.  That or they are really good liars.

So here I am, relaxed as can be after another fun weekend, blogging away at random again… wanna do it again tomorrow?




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