3 02 2010

A few weeks ago I got pretty sick.  I spent two days in bed. One entire day was sleeping and other, resting.  I was sick for 5 or 6 days with sinus pressure worse than I’ve ever felt, snuffly nose, headaches, mild fever, aches and pains, and some nausea that never produced vomiting.  It was just not fun!

Now I am sick again.  Just sinus pressure and a snuffly nose, but it’s REALLY annoying me because on top of that I have allergies.  So, I have decongestant, Kleenex Anti-Viral tissues, etc etc.  Honestly this wouldn’t be so bad, but the source of my frustration lies in the fact that I know there is nothing that’s going to “fix” the way I feel.  Oh well… I will deal.

So right now I SHOULD be getting ready to go because I am having coffee with a friend (and her baby, who will only be participating in insignificant amounts of caffeine via breast milk hehe), but instead I’m in sweatpants like I’m going to go running or something (and I’m not), my hair is a wreck, my teeth haven’t been brushed, and I should wash and put moisturizer on my face. I suppose realizing this isn’t enough so I will be back to blog again later… have a great day!




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