10 02 2010

I might soon be back in the Orange County!  No, I’m not moving back… I’m staying here, where Joe and Maya our friends are.  I applied at an agency that sounds promising.  They only serve the Orange County area, and I agreed to commute should they place me.  I am weighing the fact that I haven’t had any luck with a better-paying job in the past year, nor have I had any offers for jobs I actually wanted until now.  I am really excited about this new-found opportunity, however, I realize that it will be a huge yet great change for us.  I have to call this morning for a phone interview and then they will do a background check, I will get my First Aid with CPR for Adults, Children, and Infants as well because mine has expired.

In other news, I have been getting a little jealous of all the fast cars my friends have.  I told Joe that when I have the money, we should boost mine a bit, maybe turbo.  The way I put it was “I  wanna be faster than the dumbass Mustang guy.  I wanna zoom past ’em but I want they to see that I’m a girl first…cuz that’s an extra blow. Beat by a girl”.  So, not that I’m making solid plans, but the idea of being able to do that in the future is exciting.  My car is teensy tiny, 1,819lbs to be exact, so it doesn’t need much power to fly. 😉  It does need an alignment to stay on the road, though.  Right now, that car makes me angry even though I love it.

So in other news, if you’d call it that, I realized that I have only a couple weeks to find a dress to wear to my friends Manny and Marissa’s wedding on March 6th.  Wow how time flew by!  I don’t have a dress to wear, I can’t really afford to BUY a dress to wear, but I might be able to borrow a really cute dress if it fits me… we shall see!  As unfortunate as it is, I have to wear SOMETHING!  I am ecstatic to see Marissa, Manny, Liz, and finally meet Cookie!  I hope Joe has as much fun as I intend to. 🙂




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