13 02 2010

I am about to finish up my Insanity Fit Test.  I have to do the Suicide Jumps, Push-up Jacks (I fear these), and the Low Plank Obliques.  After that, I want to take a 2-5 minute break and jump right into Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  Joe is coming over later to get dominated by Shaun T, too. HAHA That’s so cheesy but I’ll be laughing when he’s dyin’ cuz he isn’t really UN-fit, but he doesn’t workout every day, either.  Slender doesn’t equal healthy.  I know that because I used to be really skinny, and had almost no muscle.  

Today is day 3 of Insanity and I read somewhere on Day 1, before I did the first workout, in a blog, that one person’s friend told her it was hard to sit down on the toilet.  I laughed then.  I’m not laughing today.  YOU try to pee when every major and minor muscle in each of your legs, PLUS your ass are all sore.  HAHA TMI, I know, but seriously… if you wanted to know what to expect, there it is.  
I have to mention that I have never stuck to any fitness dvd or plan before.  I have done Tae-Bo for a couple days, I have done a juice fast for a week or so, but never ever have I gone to bed eager to do it again the next day, and CERTAINLY never before have woken up anxious for workout time!  I am pretty sure it’s the challenge plus the encouragement in this case.  Mostly the challenge.  I LOVE a challenge, and there is no lack of that here.  
SO here I go… taking 3 Advil for pain, and chugging 20 oz of water down after them.  It’s time to change and start Insanity! 




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