Weight Fixation

16 02 2010

Getting into this Insanity Workout was initially an attempt to lose weight.  That was day one.  I am not much farther in and have already realized that I was wrong about weight.  To clarify, I have never measured myself prior to a weight-loss or workout plan.  Honestly, I never cared what my actual measurements were.  I only cared what the number on the scale and the tag in  my jeans said.  Today I thought to myself “If I weighed 120lbs and fit into size 15 jeans, would I be happier than if I weighed 200lbs and fit into a size 4?” No. I would rather fit into a size 4 than a 15 because what I DO know is that weight can be carried many different ways, but a size is a size.  I would rather take up a definite amount of space than worry about how much I weigh.

With all of that said, I already lost 2″ around the smallest part of my natural waist.  Since February 11th!  WOW!  I only re-measured so I could tell a friend if there was any progress thus far.  I didn’t expect that there was, but there WAS!  NICE! That is a great motivator!

I have to mention that on Sunday, I was so incredibly sore from Saturday’s Plyometric Cardio Circuit that I took the day off while Joe called me “Gramma Val” and put up with all my oohs, ahhs, and ouchies.  What a good sport, right?  I was really a whiner, I have to admit. You would have been too, I promise.  But, I have to admit, I felt bad for taking a day off and went ahead and did the Cardio Power & Resistance AND Cardio Recovery today, which puts me back on schedule to do Pure Cardio tomorrow.  I feel accomplished.

I hope that when I see my little brother again, I am in better shape than him, and my cardio health is so great that I can out-run him.  His most recent 2-mile time is under 13 minutes. I don’t even think I can do ONE mile in 13 minutes! haha I probably CAN, but I am not sure I can, so I am gonna go with no. I am powered by competition and challenges, and since my sister and I sorta flaked out on our running plan, I decided to just do something about my fitness that I can only hold ME accountable toward.

I also bought a Danskin Now Yoga program/kit.  It was cheap ($20.00) and came with a yoga mat, dvd, band, strap, and 25cm exercise ball.  I also have a large exercise ball that I will incorporate into my workout, probably mostly for warm-up stretching and relaxation more than anything.  I am about to do the yoga workout now, actually.

OH! And I can’t forget to mention how incredible my Valentine’s Day was!  Just after I woke up, a delivery man brought a vase of tulips to my door… I called Joe and thanked him and told him they were pretty and that I loved them.  THEN, he took Maya and I out to lunch… MEXICAN, our favorite!  After that, we walked around wal-mart (awesome, haha jk) because I like to go walk around after I eat.  I know Joe doesn’t, but he’s a good sport.  Maya wasn’t the greatest toward the end but was fine once we got home.  We hung out at home and I got an awesome back massage.  I realized I’m spoiled, then realized it’s ok, then realized I have the best man ever. ❤




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