Blog Monday — Juicy.

2 03 2010

Being that I have SO much going on today, I only have a few minutes to blog, let alone enough energy to tell the story that is my Monday.  With that said, here is the cut and dry version.  Today I took my cat Parker to the vet because her belly has been severely distended.  After an ultrasound, we found out that she has Plyometra, which is a uterine infection, and needs a complete spay.  She needs to have this ASAP or it could lead to her death.  So far, I am having to do a lot of waiting.  Waiting for the official quote for the surgery, mostly.  She has been hospitalized since 11am and I still don’t have word on the cost, but it is estimated to be around $350.00.  

To make matters worse, I got a call from my daughter’s school around 2:20pm to tell me that she had bitten another student.  What I was told is that she broke the skin and caused bleeding.  I was NOT told how or why this happened.  Later I found out that she was being pushed around, and ultimately pushed to the ground before standing back up and biting the girl.  In NO way do I condone EITHER girls behavior, and I am disgusted at the fact that my child actually bit another person, but on the other hand, my child was suspended for 3 days and all they did was send home a paper to sign.  They didn’t ask me to come in for a conference, they didn’t even go into detail about what happened the led up to the incident.  Ultimately, I feel that this wasn’t handled correctly.  I was told by my daughter that the girl had a bruise but no blood was drawn.  I think it’s fair to assume that if my child bites another student and draws blood, there should be some sort of blood test for god-knows-what, right?  What if either child transmitted something?  Is that not their concern?  I’m certain that if this little girl (the other student, Paige) had some sort of communicable blood disease, and my child bit her, I’d LOVE to know that they are both healthy.  I mean seriously.  It really makes me wonder what kind of responsibility they think they have for my child and other children while they are in the school’s care!  I know for a fact that during school hours, they are solely responsible for the well-being of my child and I intend to bring that up in a conference with the Principal of the school.  I am aware that my child is responsible for her own actions and I am definitely holding her accountable for them, however, where were said people during the events that led up to the biting part?  There are a lot of holes in this story.  It doesn’t help them that I have had other issues with this school and a couple of the children that go there since Maya started there in late 2008.  At one point, another little girl punched my daughter in the face on the bus on the way home from school.  She was suspended for three days as well.  Is that their solution to EVERY problem that arises?  Oh, and when I asked if they had a counselor at the school, they said no and blamed our current economy.  While I agree that may be the reason, is there no a logical reason why she didn’t suggest a meeting with the principal or at the very least, the teacher?  I have a lot of questions.  My child has never instigated a fight or anything at school or otherwise so I’m just not really sure what procedures there are and why those that are, are set in place at all.  

That was much more than I intended to blog today, but I really have strong feelings on all of this so I just went on and on.  Anyway… hope for the best, expect the worst, right?  🙂




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