Things Are Looking Up!

3 03 2010

Since my last blog, a lot has happened for the better.  Parker (my 4 year old cat) is on Clavamox, an antibiotic, and her belly is much less distended than before.  She doesn’t look 63 days pregnant anymore (that’s full term in the cat world).  Pyometra is a horrendous infection and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy’s cat or dog.  You can look it up but I will just tell you that it’s messy, and you have to be on top of it.  If I wasn’t a SAHM, I would come home to a bed covered in foul-smelling infection-related yuck.  I hate it but I love my cat so I am making sure to keep a clean towel laid out for her, and feeding her her favorite canned foods, and cleaning up after her vomit (The meds upset her tummy in the morning, it seems.  I am going to try feeding her an hour before the meds tomorrow and see if it helps).  At this point, we have a tentative appointment for March 9th to take her in for surgery.  She will have a kitty hysterectomy and likely be wearing an E-Collar aka cone aka lampshade.  I can’t wait to revel in the hysterics that are a cat trying to walk straight in an Elizabethan collar… I will have my Flip camcorder ready and hopefully post vids soon.  It may not seem nice but you have to keep a certain sense of humor about this kind of thing, especially after she’s recovering and healthy, or you’ll have a meltdown like I did on Monday when I basically thought she was going to DIE and I couldn’t afford to fix it.  The surgery ranges from $331.50-$551.00 depending on how well it goes and $551.00 is just not something I have readily available for cat surgery.

In case you or anyone you know ever needs help with funding an emergency procedure and you are in the Southern California area, there is a (literally) life-saving organization called Actors & Others for Animals They were able to put $75.00 toward the medical portion and $25.00 toward the spay of Parker, which means $100.00 of her surgery is taken care of.  They have no idea how much this helps… or maybe they do.  I intend to place a donation in Parker’s honor within the next couple months.  Whether you have pets or not, I would love it if you did so, too.  There are SO many pets out there that are put to sleep or left to die because their owner can barely cover costs to get them the medical attention they need.  Parker is lucky in the fact that this surgery will allow her to be a completely normal and trouble-free cat again.  We are lucky that we’re able to do this for her and allow her to live the rest of her life fully.

ANYWAY… sorry to get all preachy, it’s just a really important issue to me.  So as you can see, things are looking up.  Between my weekend plans, and cleaning up after my Parky cat, and making sure Maya’s school and home work is done, I have a lot on my plate this week.  Maya is spending the weekend with her dad, Joe and I have a wedding to attend on Saturday for my good friends Marissa and Manny, and Sunday we will relax and probably lie around watching movies or something.  I’d like to try to fit in a run on the treadmill while I’m at Joe’s, too…but we’ll see.

I also have to make sure my dress gets sewn up in the bust (to avoid a gap, I am having the criss-crossed pleated neckline sewn together), and I have to iron Joe’s pants and shirt. Here is a pic of my dress. Mine is the black one.  I must say, I think this dress is more flattering on me than the model because it makes me look like a total hourglass.  I am more busty, and the tie under the bustline hits me at my smallest point, then the tulip skirt puffs out under than creating a sort of pouf and then ends pretty fitted at the hem.  I really love it and I hope I can find a way to make it more casual for summer too.  First I need to figure out what shoes and jewelry I am going to wear it with to the wedding.  It shouldn’t be hard, I have a lot to choose from. 😉




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