My Elbow Follow-Up

9 03 2010

I had my E.R. follow-up visit today for my left elbow. I have nerve damage, tendon damage, no clots, normal swelling and pain for the injury which is an elbow sprain (on top of the other damage, dislocation & relocation). I had to have ultrasounds taken from my neck to my wrist and more (VERY painful) x-rays. I got vicodin for pain, more motrin for swelling, a new wrap to go around my splint, and a new, MUCH better sling too!  I have to go see an Orthopedist for monitoring, & possible therapy. I have to ice it 4-6 times a day, and I’ll be slingin’ it for a couple weeks.

I am learning to do things but I primarily use my left hand for most things except writing.  I have only showered once since the injury and I had to have Joe hold my arm.  He’s amazing to say the least.  I hope to be better ASAP!



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