Blog Ambition

16 03 2010

Its Monday, and yes, I’m blogging. It is difficult because, as you may know, I only have use of my right arm right now.  To make a long embarrassing story short, my friend tripped and we both went tumbling down while dancing at our friend’s wedding.  And yes, in case you care, this WAS an alcohol-related incident.  As a result, I dislocated and severely sprained my elbow.  I have nerve and tendon damage as well as a lot of pretty gross-looking bruising in various colors of the rainbow.  Due to the nerve damage, there are certain ways I still, 9 days later, cannot move my arm on its own.  I can’t complain much though, on days 1-4 I couldn’t move my arm at all, not even my fingers.  So far, I am getting some strength back in my hands. I can hold something as heavy as a 6 ounce yogurt cup, but I can’t open cans, ziplocs, use twist ties, or do anything that requires the use of “pinching” or “pulling” muscles. I can’t use my arm or hand at ALL without my splint and wrap on, and my arm is basically useless without the splint and wrap. When I am splinted and wrapped, I can move my arm whichever way my shoulder allows so long as it remains in the 90 degree splint angle. Basically, my elbow has to remain in the 90 at this point.  

I becoming increasingly frustrated at the fact that my arm refuses to perform as a functioning part of my body, but I am using it whenever possible and taking my pain meds to ensure that I have an easier time doing so.  I can’t wait to see the progress from now until next Saturday (2 weeks from date of injury).  I was told I may not be fully mobile with my left arm for 6 weeks because of the severity of the damage, but I remain hopeful!

Last week was both great and a pain in the ass, but that was last week… this week is St. Patrick’s Day!  I am barely a smidge of Irish and I don’t get all crazy about the holiday but I’m making Shamrock Shakes (Copycay of McDonald’s) for everyone here.  I’m excited about that because since my mom hates them, I rarely got one when I was younger, although they are divine.  SO, Wednesday is Shamrock Shake day at my house. 




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