Things of Happiness

18 03 2010

I was checking my blogroll for new stuff to read today and ended up at one of my favorite blogs.  Actually, I should say I ended up at the page of one of my favorite bloggers.  I find it a smidge impersonal to make it seem like the blog magically exists when it’s the blogger I love, the person, her outlook on things, and her openness and feelings toward life in general.  Anyway, I have mentioned her blog many times but in case you missed it Bitch Cakes is her name. (Ms. Bitch Cakes, if you’re nasty.)

While reading her two most recent posts, I was reminded of something I used to do that helped me lose a lot of weight, and I loved waking up each morning to do it.  It made me really happy for some reason.  Probably because it worked.  I was at Target one day and my daughter found some window markers and wanted them more than her brand new kittens (Yes, kittens. Plural. We got two).  I thought they were pretty awesome myself, and bought them for us.  We would draw on the glass shower door, decorate the livingroom window for holidays, wrote little notes on the bedroom and bathroom mirrors, and that’s where it all began.  One day I had what I thought was a genius idea.  It turned out really great, too.  I decided that on my quest to lose some extra weight, I’d weigh myself first thing each morning and write my daily weight on the medicine cabinet mirror.  I did so for 2 months. Within 1 month from starting that routine, I had lost 20 lbs.  I have to mention that at the time, my daughter was at my mom’s for Summer vacation for 2 months, and my boyfriend had deserted me in favor of a month-long Euro-Trip, I was out dancing with friends every other night of the week and every Friday and Saturday, I was eating mostly ramen and sandwiches, and I started drinking anything alcoholic but Gin & Tonics.  SO with all of that considered, increase in exercise (dancing), decrease in calories (ramen and sandwiches as opposed to delicious homemade meals because I wasn’t going to cook all that just for myself), and keeping better track of my weight.  But, seriously…20 POUNDS in one month. That’s pretty incredible, right?

I’d really love to keep track of my weight loss this way but I think a)people here would erase it for various reasons b)they might think I’m crazy or obsessed, although I’m just doing what works for me and c)I am unmotivated to follow any sort of weight loss regime while I can’t workout.  That last one is a totally ignorant excuse, I know, but it is what it is.

In other news, a few semi-life-changing things have occurred this month.  Apparently March is a tumultuous time of year for me.  Some really great and some not-so-great things have happened.  Physically, my left arm has been compromised, financially, I have accrued some medical bills but at the same time, I found out that I will be in a better financial situation soon.  Maya had an incident at school which resulted in her suspension but it has been cleared up and we are moving forward with positive reinforcement and monitoring.  My Insanity Workout momentum has been halted by my injury but I am doing considerably better with each passing day.  My cat Parker’s surgery was a success and she is better, albeit extremely vocal, needy, clingy, and increasingly annoying, HOWEVER, she is alive and well so I am not trying to complain.

Since this blog is titled Things of Happiness and I technically only mentioned one thing of happiness, here is a list of other things that have recently made me happy:

-The wedding of my friends Manny & Marissa
-Joe accompanying me to said wedding, dancing with me, taking me to the E.R. and caring for me the rest of the weekend and almost every day since
-Parker’s health
-My hair is FINALLY getting long again
-Due to not being able to reach my left fingers and having to use my right hand for everything I need to do, my nails are getting long again too
-My phone
-The outcome of the highlights I did on my sister today. We used a frosting cap which I haven’t used in YEARS. It came out beautifully!
-My new bookshelf
-The new black rounded-point bow flats I got
-The scent of my new Secret Spring Breeze deodorant (I have a strange obsession with being stocked up on deo. I always have a few different scents. My OTHER favorite is Degree Sexy Intrigue and the Body Spray in the same scent)
-Maya’s most recent Student Testing Summary where she scored in the “Proficient” category
-Joe, in general. He is quite possibly one of the best bf’s around
-Gaining a LOT of mobility in my left arm this week just by removing the hard cast/splint and sling and using it wrapped in ACE Bandage alone.  It’s my own form of physical therapy.  I still have nerve damage that prevents the complete straightening of my arm without extreme pain, but it’s a start. I can at least type with two hands now.  That is why my blog is so long today… I am SO thankful!
-My sister-in-law is going to South Korea on Friday to finally live with my brother (her hubby).  This is bittersweet for ME, but I am happy for them both.  I’ll miss her, but I sent her off with hot hair. 😉
-The Shamrock Shakes I’m going to make for Joe and Maya and I tonight.  I made small ones for my sis and I earlier today too… they are spectacular!  I even wrote an eHow… check it out here:

Ok, well I could go on forever, but you don’t want to read that long, I’m sure.  I hope everyone has a happy St. Patty’s Day!




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