Joseph Says

23 03 2010

Joseph says to write about how blue and cloudy the sky was today. I am taking his word for it because I wasn’t outside much today.  As he sits on my bed he says “It was windy today.  There was a lot of cars on the freeway” Does this have any significance?  Maybe, because I am sitting here adamant about doing my blog since it’s blog Monday, but alas, he is here, and I hate to be rude and just ignore him while I blog.  He seemed to be fishing for a spot, to partake in the blog, to contribute some input.  Joseph isn’t blog savvy but I can write on his behalf.  And he says “…cleaned some parts today. You don’t have to put that.  Its your blog.”

You’re right, Joe. It is MY blog, but I like to share sometimes.  Not much, but sometimes.  This happens to be one of those times. He just got up to go shower but I told him to sit back down cuz “I need more”.  I really do, I got nothin’.  He complies.  “I went to lunch, had a club sandwich, walked back [to work].  We looked at a Mini Cooper today…another one” FYI: He works as a mechanic at the shop his dad owns and they had already looked at a Mini last week.  Is this interesting you at all?  Maybe I should start a blog for Joe.  He basically cleaned Ferrari parts all day.  That’s what they mainly service, European Sports Cars.  Joseph is still talking.  I have taken to writing what I want instead.  He doesn’t know.  I told him he could read this later.  He probably will.

So in an effort to include some of my own life in my weekly blog, I had a pretty good weekend but I was sick on Saturday from the time I woke up until around 6pm.  It was not my idea of fun but I’m fine now.  The left arm is making progress but I have this nagging thought that I’ll never be able to straighten it completely again.  I’m sure I’m just being a worry wart, but I won’t know for weeks to come. Cross your fingers for me, k?  Thanks.  Alright well, since I had nothing to post in the first place, I’m gonna wrap it up.  Have a great week!




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