I Miss Planks

26 03 2010

According to the title of this blog, I miss planks.  I really do.  As you know, I started Shaun t’s Insanity prior to injuring my left arm and haven’t been able to work out in nearly 3 weeks.  I have lost a couple pounds and kept them off since then, too. I am bummed though because I can’t workout at all.  I can’t do anything that requires me to straighten my arm or bend it much more than halfway inward either.  Believe it or not, there are few exercises I CAN do that don’t involve some use of my left arm.  Even running.  The motion that you make with your arms when you run, that 90 degree bend with your forearm pushing forth and back, is actually quite painful for me still.  I definitely can’t do most yoga moves, and I can’t do any with resistance, and I can’t do planks.  I really love planks. I haven’t tried but I MIGHT be able to modify Insanity to use one arm when doing jumps, kicks, etc but I will have to skip Cardio Abs, and all planks and arm movements altogether, and I have this fear that I’ll end up with more muscle on one arm or something.  Hahaha How awesome would THAT be?  

I have considered doing some of the jumps, kicks, and running in place from Insanity without move my arms at all but I haven’t tried it yet.  I will have to figure out how this affects my balance, first of all, and second of all, I feel scared that if it does affect my balance, I won’t be safe doing it because I am left-hand/arm dominant and tend to brace myself with my left arm.  I have already done it once since my injury and it killed!  No bueno.
In other news, I have felt just slightly under-the-weather all week long.  I’m not really sure why, but I don’t like it at all.  I got a decent amount of sleep last night, slept 8 hours, then went to sleep again at almost 4pm today and slept until 630pm.  I could still sleep.  I’m a really sleepy girl.  Yep.  Joe is going to his friend’s house tonight and I’m kinda glad he is because I really feel like I need to go to bed early. Possibly after a nice bath.  Maybe not.  I’m a little tired to bathe before bed.  I’ll probably save it for tomorrow morning instead. Anyway, I just want to rest up.
Well to wrap it up, Easter is on it’s way, and although I’m not Christian (or anything else), its still tradition in our family so we’ll be going to my grandma’s house that day to celebrate.  Soon after that (May 30th) is Maya’s birthday and while its her dad’s year to throw the party, I am planning on having a party here too, so her friends can come celebrate, swim, bbq, have cake and ice cream.  Should be fun.  A little luau for Maya because she’s technically a “tween”.  I hate that word, tween.  I prefer “pre-teen”.  It is much better sounding. Anyway, those are my not-so-distant plans.  What are you doing?



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