2 04 2010

I was reminded of a pet peeve today.  It has to do with the use of ketchup.  It is proper manners NOT to “apply” ketchup directly to your food.  It is a rule, I promise.  It is a rule of etiquette that even Miss Manners represents.  It is proper manners/etiquette to put the ketchup in it’s own dish or alternately onto your plate, but never ON the food itself.  It’s a sauce.  It’s for dipping.  Do that instead of looking like a slob, please.

So that’s all about that.  In other “news”, which is actually neither news, nor interesting at all…my polish from yesterday’s manicure is majorly chipping off.  I will have to paint them tomorrow.  I hate to paint them THAT often because the polish remover is so bad for your nails.  Catch 22 because I like frequent polish changes.  What can I say?  I am indecisive, ok?  I do have to say that my pedi is REALLY cute for Easter!

And now for more boring stuff about me.  I have been so sleepy the past month or so.  I can’t hang, dude.  I nap like 1-2 hours a day, almost every day.  It’s not that great.  You’d think getting to have a daily nap would be awesome but I don’t really welcome it for some reason.  I try to stay up, but can’t…but if I’m out and about and keeping busy, I don’t even get tired.  Strange, but it is what it is I guess.

Well I really don’t have much else right now, so I guess that’s that.  Have a great Easter, if you celebrate it! 🙂




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