Sheisty Business

2 04 2010

I used to work for this company, and I won’t name names because I don’t think they deserve the free publicity, but they manufacture and sell personal watercraft traction mats and upholstery.  I really liked working for them for the short time I did.  The came tax time.  They deducted state and federal taxes from each and every pay check.  That is good.  Then I did my taxes.  I entered all the information from my W-2 properly and some (long) time later, started getting “Balance Due” bills from the IRS in the amount of $877.74.  I called them.  They explained to me that some time ago I should have received a form called a CP-2000 which I would fill out and return so they could “fix” any problems.  I am pretty sure that since I had moved 3 times in a year and had 3 addresses and a P.O. Box number, it got lost in the mail.  I never got it.  THANKFULLY this is all a misunderstanding between me and the IRS and it’s the fault of sheisty business practices on the part of that company who’s name I won’t mention here.  Their staff is made up partially of illegal workers whom they pay under the table, so it’s not entirely surprising that they would completely mess up someone’s taxes so royally.

Thank you, PWC Traction Mat & Upholstery company. Thanks bunches. : P I hope I am done dealing with your sheisty business REALLY SOON!




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