Busy Busy Busy Blog Monday

19 04 2010

Since last Monday, and it seems like a LONG time ago, a lot has happened.  I was hired to write for a popular company and so far I am enjoying that much more than I can explain.  I saw my orthopedist on Friday morning and he ordered new X-Rays for my left elbow as well as another appointment today.  I took care of the X-Rays and the appointment this morning.  Based on the most current X-Rays, there was a possible fracture that looks to be healing up pretty nicely, there was also a posterior dislocation and that appears to be healing ok as well.  As of right now, I am to attend physical therapy 2-3 times a week for 6 weeks.  In addition to that, I will see the ortho again in 2 weeks.

This Saturday, Joe and some friends of ours went to Long Beach for the Toyota Grand Prix.  It was really fun and I got really sunburned.  I will be tan by the end of the week.  I need sunscreen for future outdoor events, that’s for sure.  Tan lines are SO not cute.  Yesterday, Joe and I went out to lunch and then went to Moreno Valley to Target and to pick up Maya.  I got some new hair dye to brighten up my color, and two cute micro-ribbed tank tops, and two nail polishes.  We picked up Maya and headed home for a tasty carne asada taco dinner.

Today I woke up an hour before my alarm so I decided to revise the article I wrote last week as per the Copy Editor’s notes.  I thought I’d go ahead and post my Monday blog while I have the time and then I’m going to work some more.  Maya will be home in about an hour so I better go do that right now!  Have a great week!




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