Oh hey, I forgot…

21 04 2010

I wanted to add something that I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog.  Coachella.  How much I dislike that drug -and-idiot music fest is indescribable.  The traffic that the wannabe hippies cause is ridiculous.  They aren’t even “real” hippies, either.  They are like part-time, do-it-to-seem-cool-one-weekend-a-year hippies that aren’t even nice like “real” hippies.  Don’t get me wrong, I am NO hippie, but I have no problem with anyone who is who they are.  I DO have a problem with the idea that anyone needs to pretend to be a hippie to attend an event.  How lame.  

I have never been to Coachella.  I will never go to Coachella.  I don’t support what it stands for.  Just like I didn’t take the Tecate Light beads from the bead girls at the Long Beach Gran Prix because I don’t like Tecate, I don’t think it’s necessary to support Coachella.  Maybe if they money went to a good cause.  
I have no problem with some music festivals, but I can honestly think of better ways to get sun, hang out with friends, camp, and listen to great music…all of which include less money and fewer idiots.  Oh, and people don’t have to be high on something to enjoy it, either.  
This is all personal, nothing against anyone who loves Coachella, but you do know what you’re representing, don’t you? 



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