Receiving Therapy, Physically.

27 04 2010

Today was my first day of physical therapy. I really dig my physical therapy. He’s a nice dude. He doesn’t have that threatening look of “I WILL straighten this arm today!” that I expected. I am thankful for that. I did 10 mins with my arm on propped on a pillow, wrapped in a towel, wrapped in a heating pad that encompassed my elbow, with a 2lb. weight in my hand.

The object of all of this is to rest my arm straight from the shoulder to the hand while the heat basically relaxes my elbow and the weight stretches and pulls my arm to a more straight position. It worked quite nicely. In one PT session, I gained 20° of movement of bringing my hand to my shoulder and 5° in straightening my arm with my hand at my side, fingers toward the floor. This is such a great improvement in such a short time! I am determined to straighten it completely by the end of next week. I am not sure how the sensations I feel will work out at this point, but I going to pretend it doesn’t ache and keep trying.

The feelings I get while trying to outstretch and bend my arm vary depending on whether my arm is warm or cold, what time of day it is (morning = stiff; late night = looser), and which way my hand faces when I am moving it. I haven’t started strength therapy yet but I’m told I may never get full strength or range of motion back due to the amount of time that has passed since the onset of injury (7 weeks, 2 days). I will probably not need surgery but any damage done to the tendons and ligaments or anything that didn’t heal right is not fixable at this point as it has already started healing without therapy. I intend to avoid surgery at all costs, and I am pretty sure I won’t need it anyway. My goal is to get to a place where I can do a push-up again. That will certainly not happen for some time, but it’s my ultimate goal.

In the meantime, I am to do a few range of motion exercises between PT sessions, and I am scheduled for PT twice a week for the next six weeks. It’s gonna be a fun ride…

As for the rest of my life, the first thing on my mind is that I’m going to Disneyland on Friday. It’s basically my favorite place to be, so I could NOT be happier about it. Also, I had mentioned that I was recently hired as a writer and I have good news about that, too. Today my first paid assignment was published! YAY! I want to try to work on a blog post for next week. I have almost never posted a blog where I actually mapped out what I wanted to write about. I just sit down and start typing every Monday and some mid-week days because I feel like it or I told myself I would, but I never really prepare a draft of any sort, or even note down things I want to write about, but I want to do that at least once. A lot of things are on my mind lately and I literally forget to include them in my blog. So next week, look forward to something about a couple friends in relation to military, and my Disneyland trip, my brother and his wife who are in South Korea, Maya’s upcoming birthday party, and some other things I will make time to take note of so I can remember to write about them. I hope the difference between freestyle blogging and a thought-out blog shine through next week. It may or may not… you be the judge.

Have a fabulous week!




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