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5 05 2010

Note: Blog Monday has changed to Blog Wednesday this week due to hectic schedule conflicts.
It’s only Wednesday and already this week has been the busiest in about a month. As of this moment, I have taken Maya to the eye doctor, completed three writing assignments, one ortho appointment, two physical therapy appointments, and I have two assignments with a May 12th deadline and one without a solid deadline that will be due sometime around the end of next week. Not only is that a run-on sentence but it is a LOT for one person in 3 days. 
I still have to sort through a three foot high stack of Maya’s old school work and some books then clean this bedroom. It is terrible in here. I plan to rearrange my room, and I have to wash my bedding. These are all things I need to do today. This is all in addition to working, blogging both for fun and for work, and finally making dinner.
Tonight I am making pulled pork and coleslaw egg rolls, sweet and sour chicken, teriyaki noodles and mango spicy dipping sauce. This meal promises to be fantastic and I cannot wait!
I really want to mention how much I enjoy having such a full schedule. The past two years of my life have been leisurely. I have never had nothing to do, but in the same right, I have not been doing anything for pay that I enjoy SO MUCH. I cannot honestly say that I have been this happy with a job ever. I also cannot say I have been this happy in life, either. Everything that has not already will fall into place but I am content with the path I am on right now.
Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Although I have been a mother for nearly 10 years, I still get excited to hear Maya tell me she loves me and wishes me a happy mother’s day each year. She tells me she loves me multiple times a day but like any mum, I love hearing it and I cannot wait. 
Happy Mother’s Day! 




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