Almost Doesn’t Count

11 05 2010

Ask my daughter and my boyfriend what my life motto is and they will tell you it’s “almost doesn’t count”. It’s true! I ALMOST didn’t get around to my Blog Monday post, but I DID. That counts. I didn’t even forget. I just kind of got so into work today and was so productive that I didn’t realize how late it had gotten.

I had a nice little weekend with Maya and Joe. My Mother’s Day was awesome! Maya got up and got showered and I cut her hair and trimmed her bangs and she even wore a dress as per my request. Joe took us out to lunch and I had one of my favorite Mexican meals, sopes. I honestly always forget to get sopes, but I remembered this time. I also had a margarita. It is the most alcohol I have consumed in two months. I don’t really think I’ll be drinking again except for special occasions maybe. I haven’t had much interest since I hurt my arm. I think there is some bad correlation between my elbow and alcohol. hehe jk

Today was a VERY productive work day. I sat down at my desk this morning and planned to work at least three hours. I ended up working until lunch time, talking to a good friend for an hour or so, then Joe texted me on HIS lunch and I talked to him for a while. All the while I was sitting at my desk working and talking and ended up working most of the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be equally productive! I have two assignments due, one on the 12th and one on the 13th, plus I would like to get some other work done tomorrow. I will have new assignments due by the end of the week as well.

Next weekend I am taking Maya and my mom’s dog to a pet event at the vet who did Parky’s surgery a few months ago. The following two weekends, Maya will be at her dad’s house and on the 29th, Joe and I will be going to Orange County for his cousin’s graduation party.

I am throwing Maya a birthday party for her 10th birthday on June 5th, and the 6th is mine and Joe’s anniversary. We are celebrating the following weekend to avoid planning conflicts and because Maya will be at her dad’s that weekend. Fun stuff. You could basically make a calendar out of all those dates.

That is all I can think of right now. My brain is basically overworked and nearly dead at this point. OH! Check these out…


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