What Happened?

18 05 2010

I’ll be honest. I fell asleep much too early last night. Joe was bored. Sorry Joe. Maya went to sleep around 8:30pm and I snuggled up next to her and I was in and out of sleep. Then Joe laid down and I snuggled him and then it was all over. I kept trying to stay awake but I was just too comfy. I didn’t even get around to getting Joe his dinner. Sorry again Joe. I guess I was exhausted.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my orthopedist and mentioned to him that my ring and pinkie fingers on my left hand have been numb for a week and a half. He looked at me and said “It’s cubital tunnel.” Then he felt my elbow and said “Your ulnar nerve isn’t where it should be and that is causing your fingers to go numb”. He referred me to a neurologist to get an EMG (Electromyogram) which is a nerve test/study. From this test they will be able to determine the severity and whether I will need surgery or not. I hope I don’t. My orthopedist always says that they elbow is the most painful thing to injure, and I believe him. If something can make ME cry, it must be bad. 
After the ortho, I went to my physical therapy appointment. I relayed the message from the ortho about the cubital tunnel and told him about the numbness I’d been having. I did some mobility exercise and got some deep tissue massage, then some electro therapy that has a name which escapes me. 
Today I am picking Maya up from school at 2pm and going to get my EMG at 3:00pm. I hear it is really painful and I’m not looking forward to that but it really can’t be worse than the injury was. That is what I call my “reference pain”. To this day, that is the worst pain I have ever been in, and I will use it to reference every future pain until (god forbid) something hurts worse. So far, nothing in my life has physically hurt as bad as my stupid left elbow on March 6th. And I hope nothing ever does.
After the EMG we are going to San Bernardino County Fair for some fair food, rides, and fun.

Oh, and some good news… Although I am working steadily for two companies and sporadically for another, I want a “real” job that gets me out of the house. So I applied for a local clerical position on the Marine base and I have an interview for that this Thursday. YAY!  




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