This Left Elbow

24 05 2010

This left elbow of mine seemed like it was getting better. It wasn’t. It just felt like that because it was numb. I have severe nerve dysfunction centered in my left elbow. I have likely had this issue since I injured it but it didn’t present itself until a little over two weeks ago.

I have been to a neurologist for an EMG (nerve test) and the results were not good. The nerves are not responding in some places, and going haywire in another place. I saw my orthopedist today to discuss the results of the tests and get the ball rolling on surgery. I have to continue physical therapy in the meantime which will aid in maintaining the progress I have made thus far. I have gained a lot of mobility, though not all, and a teensy bit of strength as well. At this point, I use my arm normally for the most part minus lifting certain items, carrying anything heavy, and my dexterity isn’t perfect either.

I am looking at surgery around the end of June. Luckily that will be after the Long Beach Holland Festival, Maya’s birthday party and mine and Joe’s anniversary visit to Disneyland.

Overall, I think surgery is going to be good for me when it’s done and healed. Any input?




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