Birthday Party

2 06 2010

I am in the final phases of planning Maya’s birthday party. I have purchased all the decorations and extras I need such as the punch bowl and ladle, the pool toys and more. I am prepping all and making most of the food on Friday. I am making an ice cream cake. I am making punch using Shasta’s Tiki Punch with Schwan’s Golden Fruit Blend in it. There will be some refreshing Pimm’s lemonade for the adults…special thanks to my friend Renee for introducing me to this awesome drink AND bringing me a bottle of Pimm’s from England. AWESOME!

I just finished my grocery list and will be picking up the food tomorrow. In case you’re wondering, yes I am one of those party Nazis who needs everything to be almost done the day before the party. Besides, I don’t want to spend all of my daughter’s 10th birthday party running around like a headless chicken trying to make sure everything is perfect. Admittedly, I probably will regardless of what’s done or not done. That is my anxiety talking. I always feel like something isn’t done or is missing when there is a party. I feel like something is wrong if I’m not busy-busy. I would be a great event planner. Everything would be extremely prepared with a confetti chad out of place.

Maya’s party is a Luau themed pool party at which we are serving Mexican food. Does it make sense? Kind of… does it work? DEFINITELY. Will it be tasty? OF COURSE! We will have carne asada tacos with all the proper fixin’s plus quesadillas for the kids. There will be homemade beans and rice, and chips and salsa. We will have a tropical fruit bar and of course, there will be ice cream cake, and root beer float popsicles, plus I am going have a little candy bar. I bought a variety of candy which I will put on a little table in glass margarita glasses (if that makes sense hehe)

The ice cream cake is going to be a strawberry cake with Schwan’s Passion Punch Sherbet. It will be frosted first with Cool Whip, then blue frosting on 2/3 to represent water and Sugar in the Raw on the other 1/3 for the “sand”. There will be tropical decorations such as mini umbrellas and a Littlest Pet Shop sea turtle, fish, and more. It will be VERY cute, I imagine. I’d like to decorate the sides in some colorful way, too. I thought about using Swedish Fish and blue/green gummy worms horizontally as the water…we’ll see.

Until Saturday, I have work and cleaning to do. Fun stuff!




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