One Year

7 06 2010

Joe has been awesome for an entire year. Even in his grouchy moments and in mine, he is still rad. With that said, our anniversary was yesterday. We are officially celebrating next weekend but he got me my gift yesterday. I’ll talk too much about it later…

Next weekend we had planned to go to Disneyland and possibly Blue Bayou for dinner but might have changed our minds. At this point there are technically no official plans other than to relax the entire weekend. I love that plan. I need some relax, and who better to do it with? Like time with Joe always is, the weekend will be great no matter what we do.

As for today and the week leading up to next weekend, I have some things to do, but nothing much. Today I go to the ortho to find out when I am scheduled for surgery. Then I go from there. I am not yet sure if I will be going to physical therapy again until after surgery. I will find that out today, too. As for the rest of the week, I have some assignments to complete. I need motivation. Major espresso. Tomorrow I have coffee with a friend and will likely stay over there until 3:00PM like I normally do when we have coffee.

I am hoping I can have surgery next week so that I am home for a week before my mom and Maya go to visit my grandma for a week. That extra week will give me time to adjust and get used to what I can and cannot do with my freshly operated on arm. hehe I will need to stock up on some easy to open foods for the week nobody will be around to help me. I take that back, kind of. Joe will be around to help me but he works all day so he will only be around after work. I will probably do a lot of working with one hand and playing with my anniversary gift also mostly one-handed.

Ok…now I will share what my totally tubular gift is. lol I am really excited about it and had planned to buy it for myself until he said he was going to buy it. The Sprint HTC EVO 4G! We ordered it online last night so I have to wait but I LOVE getting prezzies in the mail so I’m totally content to wait. The anticipation is going to murder me! I can’t wait to hold it and spend the entire day playing with it, learning it’s ways, loving it like it’s my newest child. LOL I am pretty crazy when it comes to how much I love gadgets, I know. I predict pure awesome elation.




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