14 06 2010

Today I had plans to clean, which I have started but not finished. I also wanted to work. I have not. My computer is being a complete f-tard, pardon my language. You can imagine my frustration. I type in my work address and get the “This webpage is not available” message. As a matter of fact, as I’m typing this, I am planning to save it in Word before I even try to publish it for fear that it will just be deleted as it was only by some freak accident (not to mention more than 30 minutes) that I was even able to nav to this page in the first place. And I’m done venting about this once-useful, now completely burdensome box of anti-productivity that sits below my desk. I might be using it as a means to de-stress… if I can get a netbook. HOWEVER, not being able to work is going to keep me from making money, thus interfering with my plans.

Last weekend was relaxing as anticipated. I have to get one thing out of the way before I say more, the last half of Sunday was NOT fun for various reasons I am not going to go into. SO… Friday I had a tasty dinner, hung out with Joe and Matt and drank some Cuervo Black and RC Cola. That was a really good combo, delicious! I could do that every Friday… fun stuff! Saturday we did a whole lot of maxin’, relaxin’, catchin’ up on enjoying the weekend. We hung out with a different Matt for a while and saw his new house. I didn’t want to go because I was all relaxed and settled but I’m glad I did. It’s always nice to get out of the house. I love doing that. 🙂 Sunday was a Sunday. We went to Joe’s mom’s so he could get paid, then out to lunch and back home. Later I had to go pick up Maya who was the worst-behaved person EVAR. She tends to be that way when she gets spoiled at her dad’s house. It takes every bone in my body to even allow her to see him. It is really not good for her and it’s even worse that we have to deal with the monster she becomes. She is noticeably worse when my mom is around. Go figure.

So here is Monday, I had every intention of being productive but have not been able to. I am really annoyed at this entire situation as you know… too bad I can’t work on my phone. 😉 Here’s hoping this week improves. hehe



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