22 06 2010

I feel like I’ve been SO busy the past few weeks. Time has flown since my last orthopedist appointment and this Friday is my second follow-up to find out the official date of my surgery. Between my last appointment and now, I have almost forgotten that I’m having surgery. If my arm didn’t still hurt and my fingers had feeling again, I would have completely elected out of it at this point. However, there is something wrong in there and I can feel whatever it is. It doesn’t hurt that I haven’t felt my ring and pinkie fingers on my left hand in over a month. So that’s that. 

Aside from finding out my surgery date, this Friday is day one of my mini-vacation. Actually, while it may be a vacation to get out of the house for 7 days, from Monday to Friday I will be working, doing some cleaning, making dinner for my two favorite Yucca Valley boys (because they are really the only two I know well enough), one of them being my super awesome Joe. I love to cook for people who appreciate it, and they sure do love to eat. lol Amazingly, they are two of the slimmest guys I know. Don’t you hate that? 

On Friday, Maya goes to her dad’s house until Monday when she will join my mom at my grandma’s house for the rest of the week. They will go to Disneyland, some gardens, the beach, and more. It’s a nice refreshing summer vacation for them and a nice break for me. I will go to the Whelchel-Sterner house and drink away my cares on Friday night. Saturday, we have tentative plans to stay with Joe’s sister who is moving to Huntington Beach this week. On Sunday, we plan to go to Disneyland which, as always, is one of my very favorite things to do. From Monday to Friday I will be holding down the fort (and working at home, ahhhh I love it) while Matt and Joe do that man thing and get up early and go to work. 

As I’ve mentioned in older blog posts, I quite an obsessive packer. I can’t just buckle down on Thursday night and pack everything I’ll need for 7 days away from home. I can’t rely on the fact that I’ll be reasonable driving distance from home, either. I have already started a mental list of things I need to bring to occupy myself for hours a day at a home where no women live. By that I mean that none of my usual creature comforts are there, so whatever I’ll need, I’ll need to bring. Such things include my flat iron, makeup (and I want to re-pack my makeup back for summer, too), a book or two to read, enough outfits for the week, pjs, shoes, hair ties and bobby pins, various hair products, painkillers (cuz the arm starts to hurt whenever it wants at random), phone charger, various seasonings for the dinners I’ll make and god-knows-what-else that I come up with throughout the rest of the week.  Then I will need to figure out how to pack small because it’s not like I have a suitcase or anything. lol I don’t know WHY I don’t have a large cute duffel yet. I really should work on that.

OK, well that’s all for now… just a few things that were on my mind. I am SO EXCITED for this weekend! 



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