It’s Summer!

23 06 2010

Yep, you know it’s Summer when you get up at 9am and it’s 75° outside already. It is nearly 12:30p now and 92° and rising. I, of course, am indoors where the A/C is on. I’m not stupid. I’m not going to let my hair dry too fast (it’s nice and cool on my skin) or melt my freshly applied makeup off. No thanks. I DO have to go grocery shopping in a while though, but the grocery store is nice and chilly. In the Winter I bring a hoodie to the grocery store and in the Summer I can hardly stand to leave. Thank god for places that have to be cooled.

So this is just a quick blog because I have a few bored minutes and I really need to do the laundry I planned to do yesterday but couldn’t.. Here a pic of the Summer me… not much different from the other seasons of me, but I changed out most of the makeup in my travel makeup bag so here it is. It’s much fresher, I think.

I’m not sure WHY but this pic looks “shorter” than when I took it, thus making my face look wider. hehe
Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying your hot weather…use sunscreen and hydrate!



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