Step Forward into Your Cave

29 06 2010

Last Friday I saw my awesome orthopedist only to find out two things…one, he loves my awesome new phone (who wouldn’t?!) and two, I have to go back in ANOTHER three weeks to get my surgery date. Yep. THAT slow. It is what it is and I can do nothing about it. I’m waiting on insurance, referrals, approval, etc. Well, I take that back, I already have approval, I am just waiting for the other paperwork to clear.

Saturday Joe and I went back and forth between Huntington Beach and Long Beach, helping his sister move. I can’t say it was FUN, but it wasn’t bad. Personally I hate the work that comes with moving. I’d rather hire movers and call it a day. Let THEM move my stuff. I have no problem packing and unpacking, but the moving part basically blows. I hate to say it but I am more of the “Put that side table in the bedroom next to the bed” kinda girl. Nothing wrong with that, right? I’m not asking for someone to pack for me, or unpack my things while I direct them where to put each item or anything. It is less of a laziness than a preference. I have moved 6 times in the past 5 years. That is a LOT of moving. A LOT. Not to mention that one of those moves was very temporary and I had to put everything in storage and take it back out a month later. I am over moving. I’d like the next time I move to be more permanent. Much more permanent.

Moving on, though, Sunday was a nice relaxing day as it always is on weekends that I’m at Joe’s house. Oh, and did I mention that I’m going to be at Joe’s until Friday? Yep. So far, so good. Although I woke up with a mild headache that morphed into a medium-strength migraine that lasted until 3pm, I still managed to get a lot of things done today. I have done countless loads of laundry. I washed the sheets, the comforter, towels, Joe’s work clothes, Joe’s daily clothes (and some of mine), and I still have one load to do and everything that can be washed in the laundry will be clean. I did the dishes, cleaned the shower, cleaned the kitchen sink and dusted some of the livingroom. I also took a nap. I am not sure how it is that when nobody is around to nag and annoy me, that I can get all sorts of productive things done in such a short amount of time. I love it. I just wish it worked that way at home. I am at ease here. My anxiety is basically non-existent here. I am pretty sure that the root of my anxiety is my home life. hehe It is chaotic. I am not. I like order, no, I LOVE order. I love things to be done easily. There isn’t much reason for them not to be. I like to say I’m going to do something one day and actually have the time, ability and sanity to do it. That is what I did here today. I am really happy about it, at peace with life.

So now that all my “chores” are almost done for today, I get a call from Joe and he is at Walmart. I talked to him at lunch and was under the impression that he was going to come get me but he decided not to. Normally, this would be fine but unless I know exactly what I need, it is easier for me to just be there. I told him I would go tomorrow instead but he is going to come get me instead. I need deodorant and food for lunches, and dusting spray and window cleaner. There is always the possibility that there are more things I need and I just don’t know it yet. If you’re a girl or you’re close with any girls, then you know what I’m talking about here. hehe If not, well…the best way to explain it is this. Imagine you’re bored. You go to your local store with cheap things to “just look around” you come home $50+ poorer. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Retail therapy or shopping addiction? I say shopping addiction so that I’m not tempted to trivialize it much or let it get out of hand. I try to only buy things I actually need or will need soon such as toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner, food, shirts (I have under 15 shirts that fit me. 3 of those shirts have tiny holes in them, thus justifying a few shirt purchases from time to time) and things for my daughter.

Well I suppose I’ll go wait for Joe now… and clean more tomorrow. Oh! There he is! 😉




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