About Me

Firstly, jesuiseval is pronounced (en Français) Je [Zhuh] Suis [Swee] Eval [E-Val]

My name is Valerie S. Hogervorst.  I live in Joshua Tree, CA with my daughter Maya, our two cats Parker and Bagheera, and our fat tailed gecko, Shorty.  My boyfriend Joe joins us for dinner, outings at the park, hanging out with the family, watching movies, and more.  There is always something going on at my house, whether I like it or not.

I am technically a stay at home mom, but I work here too. Sometimes I have coffee with a friend as we critique the world around us, the opinions of the crazy people on baby blogs, and go grocery shopping.  What an exciting life I live.

In my spare time, I like to do things like trying not to kill my plants, getting fish to be affectionate through glass, new deodorant scents, cooking for my daughter and boyfriend. I love music, weekend drinks with my man and friends, playing basketball with Joe and hanging out at the park with Maya and Joe, sandals, black tank tops, nail polish, makeup tutorials (& makeup & trying new makeup looks).

Stay tuned for an FAQ (SEND ME QUESTIONS!), and a small list of people that inspire me such as bloggers, youtubers, and friends (links included!).

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